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Global distribution

Via Ingram Book Group, Hoffmann & Hoffmann titles are automatically made  available to more than tens of thousands of retailers, libraries,  schools, internet commerce companies, and other channel partners .


 Our publications will start on July 20   2017, and will be in the order of 10 books for quadrimesters, mostly in English. However, some authors from other continents will be translated and published among with their original language.


 They are exceptional people who have agreed to collaborate on this publishing project, by investing their precious time, (as well as their talent.) To them our unconditional gratitude.


Hoffmann & Hoffmann publisher blog

 In this blog, with the contribution of well-established and novice writers, we want to create a marketing platform and an assessment base for new talents.

Who we are

Hoffmann & Hoffmann is a start-up independent publishing company with the objective of producing books with high artistic and cultural level. We ask the support of those who love literature to establish a sustainable relationship with our users. 


In this section, you can read all the Hoffmann & Hoffmann books in a modern electronic version. 






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