IN VINO VERITART (love notes of a bottled humankind)

IN VINO VERITART (love notes of a bottled humankind)

The wine universe as a life metaphor!

A poetic and visionary journey by Roberto Sironi, painter, musician, author, and Mariagrazia Pia, poet and writer who brings us into the human vicissitudes of a society with a controlled and guaranteed denomination of origin.

Scratches, graffiti, love fragments and decanted images, in a play of stains, light, tastes and artistic effervescences, brought together in an anthology for refined palates, including erotic colors, sensual movements and intimate reflections.

A show of splashes, color and words, metaphors and art, passions and sensitivity.

The two artists, harvesting works of elegance, style and charm, proposing a personal and intoxicating vision of a world in eternal balance between the taste of existence and a colorful alchemic destiny, poured into a glass of art.