The Race

The Race

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Author: LH DAVIS

Sally Boyce Rainy adores the feel of speed, the wind in her hair, and the growl of her Duluth Roadster. In 1939, the Florida Highway Patrol has barely opened it eyes, but Sally, and her love for winding country roads, are both hard not to notice. In awe of Sally's beauty and innocence, Officer Bill Billings merely gives her a warning, but their brief encounter sparks an enduring friendship and a love affair that seers the social upper crust of Avondale. Sally, forced to break into the male dominated workforce, is a car salesman specializing in Duluth Roadsters. Although she is happily married to Jeff, an automotive inventor, Sally still struggles to break free of her wealthy and domineering ex-fiancé, Gary Neylands. Gary will stop at nothing, on or off the race track, to win her hand in marriage. So when Jeff builds a car to race in the 1939 Indy 500, Gary naturally builds one of his own. Should Jeff happen to die in a fiery car crash-- Well, wouldn't that work out swimmingly for Gary.

Hoffmann & Hoffmann publisher

ISBN Complete:978-1-947488-02-1
Publication Date: 7/7/2017
On Sale Date: 7/7/2017
Anniversary Date:7/31/2018
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